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“When you step foot into Healthy Living Market, one of the first impressions customers feel is how clean our store is.  Cleanliness and an impeccable attention to detail are paramount to our customers, and to us.  Our store is clean, from the dusted heating vents to every nook and cranny on our floor, and everywhere in between.  We credit the Janitech team with this, and we are thankful they are our partners.”

-Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, Healthy Living Market

photo Professional cleaners make a difference.

At JaniTech, our approach to customer service is what makes us the service provider of choice. We know not all businesses and offices are the same. We take the time to learn your unique requirements and to develop a service plan that delivers the best value. We stay current with industry trends and ensure that your facility is cleaned and maintained in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.


We are Vermont's Green Cleaning Professionals. 



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